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Documented communications



Official communications related to the CE of LFCCs




Establish of Center of Excellence of LFCCs:




Invitation to the LFCCs


Invitation by FAO:


- Regional Representation for Near East, FAO office Cairo, Egypt


- Regional Representation for Africa, FAO office Ghana


Invitation by UNFF:










Responses of TP Secretariat for LFCCs





To UNFF secretariat:



Dear Readers

T o have a general idea on relation between climate change issue and agriculture, forestry and other activities in context of smallholders, a working paper published by FAO in February 2010 entitled "Carbon Finance Possibilities for Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use Projects in a smallholder Context" is attached.


You can download pdf format of the file from the following link:


C finance for agri forest and other by FAO


I would be happy to have your kind responses



Mostafa Jafari (Ph.D)




In memory of Jagmohan (Jag) Singh Maini, (1932-2020)

































We are deeply sorry to inform you that Jagmohan (Jag) Singh Maini, O.C., Ph.D., passed away on 21 March 2020. Jag will be remembered as a true cosmopolitan and a diplomatic role model dedicated to the preservation of the world's forests. He was born in Abbottabad, India in 1932.

Jag as head of the Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Forum on Forests (IFF) he was instrumental in initiating the International Expert Consultation on Research and Information Systems for Forestry (ICRIS) in 1998. This development was of great strategic importance for IUFRO as one of the co-organizers, because it paved the way for strengthening IUFRO's work at the forest science/policy interface.

During his chairmanship of IFF he was good supporter of low forest cover countries to achieve their needs and requirements.

All foresters and forest lovers remind him forever!!


Mostafa Jafari

IUFRO OFFICEHOLDER, Deputy Coordinator 9.01.05

And Head of TPS for LFCCs



9.00.00 - Forest Policy and Economics

9.01.00 - Information and communication

9.01.05 - Research and development of indicators for sustainable forest management



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